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As hard as it is to believe, the new year is quickly approaching and we find ourselves reflecting on 2019. This has been an incredible year for all of us at Justice System Partners. We’ve continued to pursue our mission of changing justice systems to be more effective, fair, and humane and are honored to be expanding our team to include Research Associate, Shannon Magnuson and Associate, Emily Numbers. We feel fortunate to work at Justice System Partners and wanted to share a little about what we are thankful for during this holiday season.

Our newest Principal, Dr. Brian Lovins noted that he is thankful for the opportunity to join JSP’s team and getting to work with such an amazing group of people. He is excited about the opportunities in 2020 and is looking forward to changing the corrections world for the better. Lore Joplin is thankful for the opportunity to work with such an incredible team at JSP and with sites, such as Cook County, who are working collaboratively to make historic changes that improve the fairness and effectiveness of their criminal justice system. On a more personal note, Lore is over the moon about her new canine companion, Elsa. She came into Lore’s life unexpectedly this year and has found a place in her heart. Zach Dal Pra finds himself grateful for another fabulous year at JSP. He is amazed and energized by the growth of JSP and the quality of its staff. Zach is confident that 2020 will be a year filled with new opportunities and exciting new work. He can’t wait to see what else the new year brings!

Out in Massachusetts, Kate Florio is thankful for the time she’s been able to spend outdoors maintaining the gardens she worked so hard to build last year. She’s found “dirt-therapy” to be a great break from screen time. Sarah Galgano says that during this holiday season she is thankful to work with such a great team at JSP. She is grateful for the opportunity to partner with sites and organizations who are at the forefront of justice system improvements, and for being surrounded by wonderful family and friends. During her days off this holiday season, Kristen Nielsen has spent a lot of time cooking and baking with her toddler girls. She is thankful for the time she gets to spend with them making new family traditions.

Reflecting on his first full year with JSP, Kevin Kuehmeier says that it has been an exciting year spreading the organization’s mission, working with various Safety and Justice Challenge sites, and helping out with the Justice Transformation Institute. Kevin is thankful for the opportunity to be able to learn, grow, and share his experiences with jurisdictions he has worked with. He is also thankful to be involved with this rewarding work that challenges organizations and individuals to move systems forward and have an impact in the communities they serve. Also celebrating her first full year with JSP, Christina Sansone feels very fortunate that she gets to support her home jurisdiction, Cook County, with their Safety and Justice Challenge work and experience first-hand the impact of system reforms. Christina is also grateful for supportive colleagues who challenge her every day to grow and learn.

Our newest team member, Shannon Magnuson, is also enthusiastic to share her thoughts. Shannon is thankful for the encouragement and support she received navigating the non-academic job market. She says she is especially grateful for the opportunity to work with JSP and learn from a collection of thoughtful practitioners committed to improving the system’s effectiveness and fairness. In January, Emily Numbers will officially join JSP and we’re excited to welcome her to the team.

As 2019 comes to an end, all of us at JSP would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays!

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