Keeping people out of the system

Going to jail, even for one day, can disrupt people’s lives and have lasting impacts on individuals and their families. We believe that keeping people out of the legal system is the first step in lessening the impact of the system on individuals, families, and communities. Keeping people out of the system entails examining how individuals initially come into contact with law enforcement, investing in resources that promote alternatives to police contact, and dismantling core practices funneling people into the legal system’s revolving door. Learn more about our projects dedicated to keeping people out of the legal system below.

Featured Projects

Studying Alternatives to Jail for People in Crisis

Keeping people out of the system requires police have alternatives to jail, like police-led deflection.

Implementing the Pretrial Fairness Act in Cook County

One expected outcome of implementing legislative reforms in Cook County is a decrease in jail bookings.

Featured Resources


Differentiating Deflection from Diversion


Deflect First, Arrest Rare


Unpacking Treatment Initiation and Engagement

Working toward Pretrial Fairness in Cook County

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