By JSP Team

Lore Joplin and Billie Grobe will be presenting at the annual conference of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies in Pittsburgh on Monday, September 11.  Their workshop, “Guiding Pretrial Release Decisions Using the Public Safety Assessment,” will provide an overview of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Public Safety Assessment (PSA) and give participants a chance to use the tool to practice scoring a case.

The PSA currently guides pretrial release decisions in more than 30 jurisdictions, including some of the country’s largest cities, such as Chicago, Phoenix, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The PSA supplies jurisdictions with objective data they can use when making decisions about who should be detained before trial and who can be safely released.

The tool was developed using the largest, most diverse set of pretrial records ever assembled: 1.5 million cases from approximately 300 cities and states across the country. Join Lore and Billie at their session to learn more about the tool.

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