By JSP Team

JSP is excited that Zach Dal Pra will be presenting at the American Probation and Parole Association’s 42nd Annual Training Institute in New York City, on Tuesday, August 29th from 9- 10:30am. His workshop, “Guiding Pretrial Release Decisions using the PSA” is not to be missed! The Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Public Safety Assessment (PSA) is being used to guide pretrial release decisions in over 30 jurisdictions across the country, including several states and some of the largest cities in the nation, such as Chicago, Phoenix, and Charlotte. The PSA provides objective data that judges can use when making decisions about who should be detained before trial and who can be safely released. The tool was developed using the largest, most-diverse set of pretrial records ever assembled—1.5 million cases from approximately 300 cities and states across the country. During this workshop, Zach will provide participants with background information on the research behind the tool, the factors considered by the PSA tool, how the scoring works, and how jurisdictions across the country are implementing the tool.

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