By JSP Team

As hard as it is to believe, we are approaching the end of another year. With each new year there comes change, and for Justice System Partners, this comes in the form of hiring a new talented Associate, Sarah Galgano and with the retirement of Elyse Clawson, one of our Founding Principals.

In 2014, Elyse, along with Zach Dal Pra and Nancy Campbell, set out to build an agency to assist jurisdictions in improving their criminal and juvenile justice systems to be more effective, fair and humane. They came together with a simple vision – doing important work led by the research, informed by data, resulting in measurable change; and doing that work with people we respect and who value the same principles as we do.  Over the past three years, JSP has had the pleasure of partnering with funders and jurisdictions engaged in exciting and innovative work in the criminal and juvenile justice fields. In conjunction with her fellow principals, Elyse has played a vital role in cementing JSP’s value of supporting and assisting organizations and systems to build their capacity to sustain these important improvements. This value, along with JSP’s overall mission, is what makes our organization so unique and is what made it possible to attract smart and talented new staff members like Sarah.

Elyse’s career has spanned nearly 34 years, and during that time she has been in executive level roles in state and county correctional agencies, and established herself as a nationally recognized expert. In addition to her important work, for many of us, Elyse has been a trusted and valued mentor and friend.  While she will be greatly missed in the day to day operations at JSP, we are fortunate to have her continue as the Chairperson of our Board of Directors and we are grateful to have ongoing access to her wisdom and optimism. We are excited for her to begin this new chapter of her life and for her be able to focus full-time on her family and her devoted German Shepherds.

JSP will continue to provide the high-quality services you have come to expect, under the continued stewardship of Zach Dal Pra and Lore Joplin, and the amazing team that continues to grow and expand. From all of us at JSP – thank you, Elyse, for your inspiration, your leadership, your friendship and guidance.  We wish you a very happy retirement!

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