As corrections agencies continue to adopt evidence-based practices, there is becoming a clear divide between the tools we are using and the context in which they are delivered. To truly address the needs of the people on supervision, we must bring our system and agency structures in line with the delivery of change-oriented approaches. We must rethink our organizations, specifically the infrastructure designed to carry surveillance and monitoring interventions and replace them with organizations built from the ground up for behavioral change. This is not easy work. Systems were built to maintain status quo–designed to withstand day-to-day variations.

We need to restructure our agencies to be invested in the players, to empower staff to do great work, and to be designed to win. Nurturing an organizational culture that supports behavior change, learning, and growth of staff helps staff create an environment that supports change in those they supervise. Fundamental to this coaching model approach is the belief in people’s capacity for change.

There are two key components that are critical to becoming successful coaching organizations:

  • Empowering supervisors and administration to create a culture of learning and a coaching environment in which staff can deliver change-oriented interventions successfully, AND
  • Supporting staff’s learning and delivery of change-oriented interventions.

JSP Principal Dr. Brian Lovins provides details on this coaching model in his article “Probation Officer as a Coach: Building a New Professional Identity”. 


“A coaching organization is one that creates an environment in which staff can do their best work, and people being served by the agency can be successful.” – Dr. Brian Lovins

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