Coaching Network for Change Virtual Community

The Coaching Network for Change (CNC), powered by a partnership between Justice System Partners (JSP) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) School of Criminal Justice, serves as an interactive virtual network for community corrections organizations to participate in a continuous, collaborative learning environment while sharing experiences and innovative ideas. Whether your organization has adopted a coaching model yet or not, the CNC has resources to meet you where you’re at and support you throughout the transformational process.


CNC annual membership includes:

  • Monthly topic specific virtual trainings/webinars with on-demand access covering key strategies and components of being a coach;
  • Monthly practice sessions to engage in interactive discussions and activities to develop localized content based on the most up-to-date practices in community corrections;
  • Support for implementation of evidence-based practices and Core Correctional Practices that go beyond checking the box to centering the client and ensuring that staff are focused on outcomes;
  • Curated collection of resources including videos, podcasts, research, tools and templates;
  • Specific guidance for supervisors, mid-management, and line staff;
  • Agency learning team and team captains support, including how to be a coach, and how to be a coaching organization;
  • Peer-to-peer learning through access to a cross-agency network of correctional professionals around the country working towards more improved community corrections system;
  • Communities of learning for subjects such as trauma-informed care and cultural competency; and
  • Eligibility for unlocking advanced materials through All-Star network use.

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