Soledad Adrianzén McGrath

Soledad Adrianzén McGrath


Soledad Adrianzén McGrath, JD, is a Research Professor at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research, and Executive Director of CORNERS: the Center for Neighborhood Engaged Research & Science, a university-based research center conducting cutting-edge research into the ways that Neighborhood Science can be used to understand and address gun violence and other pressing social issues. CORNERS’ research illustrates how social relationships shape what happens across entire communities, and how the power of networks can be leveraged to improve health and safety for more equitable neighborhoods. As a lawyer and policy researcher, Ms. McGrath has extensive experience in supporting and advancing various justice reform efforts, and in policy and legislative advocacy. She is committed to improving community health and well-being by building community and organizational partnerships and translating research into concrete policy solutions. Ms. McGrath earned her BA from Northwestern University and her JD from Emory University.

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