Our Values


We acknowledge the structural racism that exists in society and the justice system and support increasing equity in both. We support system stakeholders in being courageous in challenging the status quo.


We understand and have experienced the complexity and challenges of individual and system level change. We believe in the capacity of individuals and systems to change, however complex.


We believe a collaborative approach best supports sustainable system change.


We value and respect the perspective of people impacted by the criminal legal system.


We value and respect the role that criminal legal systems play in our communities.


We know that justice systems protect best when they provide the right service at the right time to the right person.


We use high-quality evidence and research with a multidisciplinary lens to support the work we do.


We recognize that organizations change when their leaders model the desired changes.

Capacity building

We provide our clients only services that we truly believe are needed and are a wise use of public dollars. We build our clients’ capacity to continue the work after the period of technical assistance.

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