Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone

Senior Associate

Dr. Rebecca Stone is a Senior Associate at Justice System Partners (JSP). Rebecca earned her PhD in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University, where she also earned a Master of Public Health (MPH). Her research focuses on the intersection of public health and the criminal-legal system. This has included the intersection of substance use and intimate partner violence, substance use during pregnancy and the negative consequences of criminalization, women’s experiences of reentry and desistance, and language and framing effects in media and public policy. She has published in leading criminal justice and public health journals, including Justice Quarterly, Criminology & Public Policy, Criminal Justice and Behavior, and Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment. 

Rebecca is passionate about doing applied, interdisciplinary, and community-based research that centers people with direct experience of criminal-legal and health systems. She is an alumna of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Interdisciplinary Research Leaders fellowship program and recipient of the 2022 Community-Engaged Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Feminist Criminology. She believes in effective science communication as a means of achieving research impact and served as the evaluator on a series of National Science Foundation-supported communication training workshops for early-career scholars.  


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