Rachel Goldstein

Rachel Goldstein

Senior Associate

Rachel Goldstein is a Senior Associate at JSP. She has 14 years of experience in the community corrections space.  She has dedicated her career to collaboratively building a more equitable, just criminal legal system. She spent a year serving her country as an AmeriCorps member with the Rochester Police Department, where she advocated and stood alongside survivors of crime through the court process. After her year of service, she began her government career as a probation officer working at the county and federal level. She found her niche learning and incorporating core correctional practices and principles of effective intervention into her daily work with people on supervision. She became a Staff Aimed at Reducing Rearrest (STARR) coach and a national coach for the Criminogenic Needs and Violence Curriculum (CNVC), a manualized curriculum that creates a common language and set of materials for the officer, person on supervision, their support network and treatment providers.  

Rachel transitioned into a probation administrator role at the Administrative Office of the United States Courts where she began to tackle how to address the segmented evidence-based programming and training into a comprehensive approach that defines what it means to do community supervision work well. This is where she was introduced to Implementation Science! Rachel immersed herself in implementation work within the government, in addition to legislative implementation efforts at REFORM Alliance, an advocacy agency focused on transforming probation and parole. She sees implementation as the foundation to ensure that agencies have the needed infrastructure and capacity to support change. She is a proud member of the Global Implementation Society and the American Probation and Parole Association. She completed a Certificate Program in Implementation Practice through the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Social Work. Rachel obtained a Master of Public Administration from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Knox College.  

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