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Revalidating DEDOC's Assessment Tool

Brian Lovins,  Jen Lerch

The LSI-R is an assessment tool used across jurisdictions, and specifically by Delaware Department of Corrections. The tool includes ready made questions and categories jurisdictions can use to help predict the likelihood for rearrest while on probation. The tool also suggests ares where people may need more support to successfully complete community supervision (e.g., securing transportation, employment, treatment needs). The DEDOC uses the LSI-R assessment tool to assign individuals to levels of supervision while on community supervision and uses the tool in custodial settings to inform program needs. This report includes a full validation of the LSI-R. Validating the tool includes using Delware DOC’s data to understand if the questions and categories on the ready-made tool reliably predlct the likelihood of individuals to experience re-arrest in Delaware. Additionally, the report also compares the existing LSI-R with the forthcoming LS-RNR to support the transition to the LS-RNR.