Kimberly Richards

Kimberly Richards


Kimberly is an Associate with JSP. She is passionate about helping others grow, whether it is an individual’s development or the improvement of an organization. She brings her background as a facilitator, project manager, community organizer, educator, and coach to assess and guide people, relationships, strategies, policies, and more. Kimberly attended The Pennsylvania State University for her undergraduate and graduate degrees, receiving her MPS in Criminal Justice Policy and Administration and her BS in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Rehabilitation and Human Services. Kimberly believes in empowering communities through dedicated, intentional, and equitable service – particularly for communities of color.

As the daughter of two Jamaican immigrants, Kimberly has a particular love for Caribbean islands and culture (Jamaica is her favorite, of course!). She enjoys using her free time to engage in performing arts and loves spending time with her family, friends, and her significant other with their two dogs.

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