KB Pallo (they/them)

KB Pallo (they/them)

Finance & Operations Associate

KB (they/them) is a Finance & Operations Associate at JSP. Prior to joining JSP, they worked in various Non-profit Management roles such as Program Manager and Operations Manager. They also worked in the hospitality industry and banking industry earlier in their career. Most recently, KB was managing operations for a political organizing non-profit that advocates and organizes for Black and Brown youth in Wisconsin.

KB earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Their inspiration for the field of study stemmed from a deep interest in mental health, socioeconomic inequality, and family systems. A few years later, they went back to earn their Master’s of Business Management from there as well. KB is passionate about LGBTQ+ equity and LGBTQ+ youth empowerment. They serve on the board of Courage MKE, an organization that resources and houses displaced LGBTQ+ youth ages 14-25 in Milwaukee, WI. 

In their spare time, KB loves to travel and explore new places, play with their dog Nola, spend time with their wife and loved ones, and eat delicious food. They also serve as Vice President of Milwaukee Gay FC, an LGBTQ+ soccer club, where they enjoy playing and organizing soccer. Some fun facts are that they love animals, nature, documentaries, sports, and non-fiction books.


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