Didi Nguyen

Didi Nguyen


Diane “Didi” Nguyen is the Coordinator for JSP. Prior to joining JSP, she worked as a Project Support Specialist for years on multiple projects in the criminal justice field at the Institute for Justice Research and Development at Florida State University. She began her career in the legal field, providing legal assistance and support on the Pradaxa and Accutane litigations at a major law firm in Florida. Then, she worked at a counseling facility that specialized in providing individuals who had experienced incarceration with substance use disorder treatment and life management skills, as well as helping them move forward from domestic violence and learn anger management skills. There, she also conducted state approved HIV counseling courses.

Nguyen holds two Bachelor’s degrees – a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, both from the University of West Florida. Nguyen is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and her goal is to educate, help, and assist individuals who have made contact with the criminal justice system to promote positive behaviors and develop well-being.  

In her spare time, Nguyen loves to travel and explore new places, play with her American Bulldog named Blue, spend time with her husband, and share her love and passion of food (mainly desserts!) with others. Her favorite animals are pigeons, beluga whales, and capybaras. She is also an advocate of joining the fight against multiple sclerosis, as she was diagnosed with tumefactive multiple sclerosis in 2018. 

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