Dana Gautschi

Dana Gautschi


Dana Gautschi is an Associate with JSP.  She has a decade of experience working in the legal and mental health fields with a particular focus on juvenile justice, family law, and systemic change to better meet the needs of those involved in the legal system.  Over the course of her career, Dana has provided project management, communication support, research, and detailed data analysis for government agencies and community-based organizations.  At JSP she provides technical assistance to local and state government agencies by coordinating and collaborating with stakeholders towards positive changes in the legal system.

Dana earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Lawrence University and her Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Her master’s thesis, Child Custody & Psychologists’ Decision-Making, examined bias against same-sex couples in child custody evaluations.  Dana has also presented academic research about Juvenile Attainment of Fitness (competence) to Stand Trial, which investigated clinical and environment factors contributing to a juvenile achieving competence after a previous determination of incompetence to stand trial.

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