Teisha Sanders

Teisha Sanders


Teisha Sanders is a Senior Associate with JSP. She began her career working within criminal court systems, conducting pretrial risk assessments in local jail settings and providing case management services to individuals involved in the criminal justice system. She was fueled by this work to further build upon and advance evidence-driven solutions that more effectively contribute to the success of justice-involved communities. Teisha is skilled in leading research development, design, and data collection efforts, and has extensive experience leading and managing complex, multistate, multisite evidence-informed projects and collaborating with community partners and stakeholders. She draws on her background in social work in operationalizing the value and importance of human relationships as she supports and empowers various stakeholders through project implementation toward desired outcomes. She has also collaborated across systems with local mental health authorities, behavioral health systems, and specialty courts to help identify the least restrictive environment for system-impacted individuals.

Ms. Sanders holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Sociology, and a Master of Social Work, both from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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