Sarah Tamburri

Sarah Tamburri

Senior Associate

Sarah Tamburri is Senior Associate with JSP.  Sarah leads a randomized control trial evaluating a comprehensive trauma informed reentry program for young men leaving prison. She comes to JSP from the Institute of Justice Research and Development at Florida State University where she served as a Project Manager.

Sarah began her career working as a Mentoring Program Coordinator, where she received grant funding to implement and maintain a mentoring program for underserved youth in South Florida. She then spent five years with the Florida Department of Corrections in various capacities. Sarah ended her career as a Program Coordinator, where she oversaw the implementation of interventions delivered to individuals serving life sentences and those who were transitioning out of restrictive housing settings. Sarah has a passion for bringing research to the field through education and the implementation of best practices. Her interests include trauma informed care, suicide prevention, and destigmatizing mental health.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida.

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