Justice Transformation Institute

To successfully change organizational practice, staff must be willing to change the way they do business. JSP’s Justice Transformation Institute (JTI) is designed to empower frontline supervisors and managers to make those changes in their own behavior and to provide them with tools to implement and sustain evidence-based organizational change.

JTI’s framework is based on ethical, culturally competent and data-driven decision making. The curriculum includes a 360 leadership assessment for each participant and individualized management and leadership skill building. Training modules allow participants to practice skills through role playing, group activities and peer/mentor discussions. Professional leadership development is supplemented with coaching calls between modules.

The JTI curriculum consists of introductory webinars, in-person training modules, a capstone project, executive dialogue, and ongoing coaching. Facilitators work with jurisdictions to tailor the curriculum to address their unique needs. Train-the-trainer coursework and support is also available. Each in-person module can be customized to support current or planned change initiatives.

For more information about JTI or to discuss how your jurisdiction might benefit from the JTI, please contact us.

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