Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been working with Virginia’s Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to develop evidence-based alternatives to juvenile correctional centers in Virginia. As a grantee of the Foundation from to 2015 until 2017, JSP facilitated development of a strategy and design for a regionalized system of service delivery.

JSP helped DJJ expand the continuum of care in the community by helping to design and procure the services of lead coordinating agencies who oversee programs delivered by local providers. As part of this work, JSP helped develop a readiness self-assessment for potential vendors; the assessment let vendors evaluate their preparedness to provide services under new, evidence-based requirements related to the statewide transformation project.

JSP also supported DJJ’s efforts to transform itself into an evidence-based organization by hosting educational webinars with DJJ staff and service providers, and working with DJJ management to implement JSP’s leadership program —the Justice Transformation Institute (JTI)—tailored specifically to DJJ. The curriculum was designed to prepare first-line supervisors (intake, probation, parole, and institutions) to effectively and efficiently implement and sustain organizational change.

The JTI blends practical management and leadership skill building with individualized leadership development. The framework of the curriculum is based on ethical, culturally competent and data-driven decision making. As part of the JTI curriculum, JSP administered a 360-degree leadership assessment to each DJJ participant and provided follow-up coaching and support.

In 2017, JSP continued to support the ongoing development of the continuum of care; this included addressing quality assurance needs associated with the service coordinators, direct service providers, regional probation staff, and central office supports. JSP’s efforts focused on planning and implementation assistance to identify (1) structure, role definition, staffing and resource needs, (2) performance measurement/ reporting, and (3) how to integrate this work with DJJ’s larger transformation initiative.

For more information about JSP’s Justice Transformation Institute, please contact us.

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