Emily Numbers

Emily Numbers


Emily Numbers is an Associate with JSP. She brings project management expertise and experience with coordinating multi-agency change initiatives to her work with JSP. She is passionate about fostering collaboration and dialogue among community, university, and government stakeholders to transform the criminal legal system. Her skills include facilitating interagency communication, generating solution-focused dialogue, project management, and strategic planning. Prior to joining JSP, Emily managed initiatives to improve outcomes for people on community supervision as Community Corrections Planning Board Coordinator in Lucas County, Ohio. Her role included coordination of evidence-based policy changes, providing trainings, expanding quality assurance practices, and facilitating multijurisdictional information sharing. 

Emily also facilitates projects and educational opportunities with incarcerated individuals in her community, where she has gained experience engaging directly impacted people in dialogue about their experiences with the criminal legal system.. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Social Thought from the University of Toledo Jessup Scott Honors College.

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