Annie Balck

Annie Balck’s consulting work is focused on justice system reform, and builds on her 15 years of experience in the social justice field. She has extensive expertise in juvenile justice reform and has also worked in the areas of criminal justice reform, child welfare, disability rights, and special education. Ms. Balck assists clients with project development and management, lending a progressive, reform-oriented perspective combined with practical, strategic analysis. She also works with clients on a range of written products, from in-depth research papers to blog posts, offering services at all stages of development. In addition to Justice System Partners, current and previous clients include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Justice Policy Institute, and Professor Francine T. Sherman of Boston College Law School.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Balck was the Deputy Director for Policy and Programs at the National Juvenile Justice Network, where she was engaged in project development, strategic planning, and organizational management and oversaw all written products. She helped create and launch the National Juvenile Justice Network’s Youth Justice Leadership Institute, which seeks to elevate the leadership of people of color in the work to transform oppressive justice systems. Just after graduating from Georgetown University Law Center with a juris doctor degree, Ms. Balck served as a guardian ad litem at the Children’s Law Center in Washington, D.C., representing children in abuse and neglect cases and witnessing first-hand the destructive effects of a variety of flawed social service systems. While in law school, she represented young people in delinquency and child in need of services (CHINS) cases in the Boston, Massachusetts area through the Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project at Boston College Law School. Ms. Balck has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan. She resides in Reston, Virginia.

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