Andrew MacFarland

Andrew MacFarland is a Senior Data Analyst at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV). At CSPV, MacFarland has worked on a number of research projects including an 11-state dissemination and process evaluation of LifeSkills Training, an Evidence-Based Practice (EBD) Training Initiative providing training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy and other trauma-focused EBPs to clinicians nationally and internationally, and two large-scale evaluation studies of the Communities That Care model. On these projects he has overhauled existing and created new data collection instruments, designed data tracking and management systems, developed code for data cleaning and analysis, and redesigned reporting mechanisms, saving hundreds of person-hours of effort. He has also been involved with the research and preparation of journal articles, grant applications, and reports. Previously, he was employed at Vanderbilt University’s Learning Sciences Institute. Mr. MacFarland received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Denison University, and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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